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The Top 10 Cartoon Villainesses of All Time


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They are no more real than their creator’s imagination, but they intrigue us all the same. The evil ways in which they try to fulfill their devilish desires continue to surprise and amaze us. The following is a list of the top ten animated villainesses we love to hate.



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The ever good looking singer Pizzazz is not only a master mind of evil, but she can manipulate even the best of us. All this is done to fulfill her dreams of being a star.

Pizzazz thinks nothing of stealing, arson, or killing in order to achieve her goal of having a total domination of the music industry. She wants to be at the top of the charts, and nothing will stop her. She steals Jericha Benton’s prized possession without a second thought. She has even gone so far as to risk killing Jem and the Holograms several times.

Of all her evil deeds, by far the worse ones involve the Starlight House. This orphanage is all the children living there have to call home, but she at one point in time attempts to burn it down, endangering the lives of all those innocent kids inside. Pizzazz once used one of those orphans to help her with an evil plan. As if that’s not enough, in a later episode she kidnaps the very same child in order to get her way with Jericho.

Born to yuppie parents she was not the typical girl one would expect to turn towards evil. Her father, after all, is a business mogul. Unfortunately Pizzazz takes advantage of her parents, and she loves to manipulate her dad into doing her bidding in order to gain success.

Lady Tremaine


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This evil villainess has given step mothers the world over a bad rep. Without causing any physical pain she manages to abuse Cinderella in so many other ways.

Wickedly self-centered, Lay Tremaine stops at nothing to keep Cinderella down. She wants everything nice and wonderful for her undeserving daughters. To achieve this she keeps Cinderella as a slave, doing all of the chores around their home. In the meantime the step sisters get to dress up and have all of the fun. It is when all of the girls in the kingdom are invited to a ball for the prince that Lady Tremaine’s true colors burn brightest. Cinderella is told she can go after the chores are finished. The list of work to be done is totally impossible to get finished on time, a fine example of Lady Tremaine’s way of using psychological abuse for her gain. At one point, Cinderella is even locked in a dungeon, but as with so many of our evil villainesses, good triumphs in the end.

Poison Ivy


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One of Batman’s greatest enemies, Poison Ivy manages to get her evil ways by turning those around her star struck with a single kiss.

Originally named Pamela Isley, this beautiful girl from Seattle was both smart and shy. In college she studied advanced botanical biochemistry, and she was an excellent student. Seduced by Dr. Jason Woodrue, a.k.a. Floronic Man, she was injected with a plant poison during an experiment. This is what caused her transformation to the dark side.

Now unable to have children after nearly dying, Pamela goes insane. She is convinced she is mother of all nature, and she now sees plants as her many children. No longer able to handle college, she quits and moves to Gotham City. Here she becomes known as Poison Ivy.

Poison Ivy performs evil acts such as trying to take over the people of the city by using deadly plant spores. This venture was halted by none other than Batman. Poison Ivy now resides within the Arkham Asylum.

Dark Phoenix


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Dark Phoenix from the X-men adventures is a classic villainess. Her story is that of love, deadly plans, and domination of all.

The Dark Phoenix’s story begins when she is brain washed into being Jason Wyngrade’s lover. Afterwards, her dark side took over her entire life and ambitions. She even attacks her X-men teammates, as well as the Hellfire Club. Stopping at nothing, Dark Phoenix creates a nova from a star and uses it to destroy not only aliens and people, but a whole planet. As if this wasn’t enough she goes on to try to destroy the solar system itself. This is attempted with the Plan Omega, even though success would have meant destruction of herself too. Her disrespect for even her own life is testimonial to just how evil this villainess really was.

In the end of her dark story she eventually does destroy her own body with a laser, which is actually Jean’s body. As a grand finally, this is acted out in front of Jean’s boyfriend, Scott.



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First appearing in a 1940’s Wonder Woman comic, Circe has abilities that make her a dangerous goddess like villainess. Only Wonder Woman could take on a challenge such as Circe.

Circe is an immortal sorceress who is on the same level as a goddess. She is dangerous due to her ability to use spells that can transform both matter and reality, a deadly combination. Her favorite trick she uses to get herself out of sticky situations is to change men into animals. She loves this spell, and used it on Odysseus’s men, turning them into pigs.

Along with transforming people to suit her needs, Circe can just as easily alter minds, create illusions, bring back the dead, and use magical energy blasts to destroy things with fire. She is not a lady to mess with. Circe transforms herself as well, causing her strength to increase along with her endurance. This makes her quit the match for Wonder Woman.



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A worldwide martial arts enthusiast, Elektra uses her talent for a mix of good and evil. Her story is peppered with romance and tragedy.

Born a Greek ambassador’s daughter, Elektra loved the study of martial arts. While in the U.S. she studied at New York’s Columbia University. There she fell in love with Mathew Murdock, also known as Daredevil. Murdock possessed super human abilities.

During their stay in the U.S. Elektra was taken hostage with her father while on campus, but she managed to help Murdock defeat the terrorists. Unfortunately her dad was accidentally shot dead by the police. Grief stricken, she left the country and Murdock to study martial arts in Japan.

Harboring hatred from her dad’s death, she ended up a part of the corrupt group The Hand. After years as an assassin she met up with Daredevil to fight The Hand. Murdock and her life intertwined several times until she was defeated by Bullseye, dying in Murdock’s arms.



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A mutant shape shifter with blue skin and yellow eyes, Mystique is definitely what you would call a super villain.

Being a mutant herself, Mystique has a soft spot in her heart for other mutants. This must be what caused her to found the Brotherhood of Mutants. This doesn’t make her an angel by any means. Her reasons for what she does are truly in line with the villainess personality we all expect. Mystique has assassinated many of those involved with mutant affairs.

At over one hundred years old, Mystique is mother to many other famous characters, both good and evil. She is both the villain Graydon Creed’s mother, as well as mom to Nightcrawler of the X-men. During her stint with motherhood she also adopted Rogue. Rogue is a well-known heroin, and seems to be at odds with her mom from time to time. Despite a history that includes many acts of crime, Mystique somehow manages to find her way into the X-men during her villainess career.

Cruella de Vil


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If killing cute little puppies in the name of fashion doesn’t get you on the list of the top ten villainesses, nothing will. This is exactly what brought Cruella de Vil her fame.

It wasn’t bad enough that Cruella loved fur so much she even wanted a coat made of dog. After realizing that the fur on full grown adult dogs was way to course for her liking, she set out to find the perfect batch of puppies to use. When she discovered a family of Dalmatians, she knew exactly which puppies she needed. Their beautiful spots would simply add to the charm of her new fur coat.

Kidnapping the puppies and going to extremes to keep them hidden raised her to villainess status. As her collection grew, a set of Dalmatian parents were determined to find their babies. With the help of several dog friends, they soon outsmarted Cruela de Vil, putting an abrupt end to her dream of the perfect fur coat by taking home all 101 puppies in her collection.

Harley Quinn

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With her unique looks and scheming boyfriend, Harley Quinn has earned the title of Batman’s most unusual villainess. Her evil ways continue to keep the caped crusader on his toes.

Harley Quinn’s first appearance in the Batman saga came about in an unusual way. She jumped out of a cake in order to take a group of police officers hostage for the joker. Dressed in the costume of a harlequin jester, she made a stunning entrance.

Harley Quinn began her career as a psychiatrist at the Arkham Asylum. After getting the assignment of analyzing the Joker, she fell in love with him. Over the years she has helped the Joker escape from the asylum several times. It was when he was brought in to Arkham badly hurt after a battle with Batman that she decides to quit her job and work at the Joker’s side full time.

If being the Joker’s girlfriend and side kick wasn’t enough to turn her evil, her choice of friends was. Striking up a friendship with Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn was given the gift of immunity from toxins and poisons.



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Disney’s most recognizable villainess is pure evil. She stops at nothing to get her way, and when she doesn’t, look out.

The evil villain of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty is outraged at not being invited to Princess Aurora’s christening. She curses the baby as revenge upon King Stefon for excluding her from the guest list. The magical fairies, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather devotetheir lives to protecting Aurora from the curse. Maleficent never gives up trying to ruin the young princess’s life.

Along with her devilish deeds, Maleficent’s gothic looks and dramatic movements add to her villainess greatness. Her wide range of magic includes transforming herself into a dragon, casting spells, teleportation, and even flying with the use of energy from her staff. This makes her a force to be reckoned with. As she sneaks her way back into Aurora’s life by putting her into a deep sleep, there is only one force greater than Maleficent. That would be the gentle kiss of true love.

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